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  • “Effect of electrolytes on the solubility and solution thermodynamics of 1-amino-4 hydroxy-9,10-anthraaquinone, an analogue of anthracycline anticancer drugs, in aqueous ethanol media using theoretical and UV-Vis spectroscopic study.” Sk. Imran, AslamHossain, SujayParui, ParthaSarathiSengupta, Sanjay Roy, ParthaSarathiGuin,Journal of Molecular Liquids252 (2018) 151-157.


  • “A strategic design of an Opto-Chemical security device with resettable and reconfigurable password based upon dual channel two-in-one chemosensor molecule”. Tapas Majumdar, BasudebHaldar, Arabinda Mallick, Scientific Reports7(2017)Article number: 42811.


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