Alumni Association


As one of the important stakeholders of this institution, the ex-students have come forward with great zeal for the overall development of this college. After the formation of “Vivekananda Mahavidyalaya Alumni Association” they organized one Cultural Programme to raise fund. The permanent committee of the association was formed with great enthusiasm in a meeting in which about 80 ex-students participated spontaneously.




                                                                        Date: 13-04-2015


Ex- Students of Vivekananda Mahavidyalaya, Burdwan are hereby informed to be the member of the Alumni Association (Praktani Samity) of our college .The membership fees is Rs.50/- (Rs. Fifty) only.

Please see the attached membership form and all the ex-students are requested to submit the filled up form along with the said membership fees to Sri Soumen Chakraborti,Head Clerk, morning section of our College and the treasurer of the Alumni Association.



                                                                                         Alumni Association (Praktani Samity)

                                                                                               Vivekananda Mahavidyalaya,










DATE: - 11-04-2015




In the meeting of the executive committee of Praktanee Samity (Alumni Association), Vivekananda Mahavidyalaya, Burdwan all the members of executive committee unanimously selected office bearers as follows;

  1. President – Sri Alok kumar Majhi
  2. Vice President-
  1. Dr. Sidddhartha Sankar Banerjee
  2. Sri Baidya Nath Konar
  3. Sri Sudhir Kumar Hazra
  4. Sk. Sane Alam
  1. Secretary- Dr. Pravat Kumar Kuri
  2. Assistant Secretary –
  1. Pradip Rahaman
  2. Sri Biswa Nath Das
  1. Treasurer – Sri Soumen Chakraborti


Res. 2

It is resolved that a bank account be opened by the name of “Praktanee Samity, Vivekananda Mahavidyalaya, Burdwan” in Central Bank of India, Vivekananda Mahavidyalaya branch. The account will be operated by the joint signature as stated below;

  1. Alok Kumar Majhi, President

Or Pravat Kumar Kuri, Secretary


  1. Soumen Chakraborti, Treasurer.



Res. 3

It is also resolved that advertisement be given in local television channels asking the ex- students of our college to enrol their name as  member of the Alumni Association.