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About Vivekananda Mahavidyalaya Alumni Association

Vivekananda Mahavidyalaya Alumni Association is the official alumnus society of Vivekananda Mahavidyalaya, Burdwan, West Bengal. This Association is a Govt Registered (Reg No: S0008308 of 2019-20 under Certificate of Registration of Societies, West Bengal Act XXVI of 1961) Society and started its journey in 2004.

The purpose of the association is to foster a spirit of loyalty and to promote the general welfare of our organization. Alumni association exist to support the parent organization’s goals and to strengthen the ties between alumni, the community, and the parent organization.

Alumni Association was founded with the vision to maintain a life-long connection between the Institute and its alumni. In collaboration with an extremely dedicated life members and volunteers, the Alumni Association works to connect alumni, support students and build an unforgetable Institute experience through a diversity of events, programming and services.

The mission of the Association has always been to foster strong bonds between alumni, students and the Institute, to keep alumni informed, and create a network enabling them to remain engaged with their alma mater and help shape it’s future through the Association’s programmes and services.

The college’s alumni are its lasting legacy and strongest voice. Finding new ways to build an engaged membership base is an integral task of the Association. Joining Vivekananda Mahavidyalaya Alumni Association is one of the easiest ways to reconnect, give back to the Institute, and serve as a springboard for further development and enrichment of its legacy.

History of The Association

The first practical attempt to build a forum for the ex-students was in 2004. Unfortunately, there is no recorded history of such an attempt prior to this. But it has been traced that the college has a tradition of inviting eminent ex-students as chief or special guests on various functions every year. However, during 2004 an attempt was made to organize the ex-students and that attempt had been continuing for two or three years. The ex-students of the college with the help of the college organized the 1st ever REUNION of Vivekananda Mahavidyalaya.

Unfortunately, there was a transient ebb on the first euphoria of reunion of students mainly for financial crisis and also for the dearth of workers for the purpose. With its frail attempt the association began working and made its existence palpable . But one urge for a permanent organiztion of the ex-student was increasingly felt.

In 2015 a fresh attempt was made to reorganize the Alumni Association. This was possible at the initiative of the then Principal Dr. Sibaprasad Rudra. Sri Soumen Chakrabarti, Prof Pravat Kuri, Prof. Suvendu Bag, Sri Pradip Hazra, Sri Souradip Ghosh, Prof. Argha Khan and Prof. Santosh Kumar Malik infused energy into this organization at that time and added an impetus to it.

After that in November,2019 finally with the initiative of the then Principal Dr. Sibaprasad Rudra, Prof Sukanta Bhattacharaya, Prof. Goutam Sarkar, Sri Soumen Chakrabarti, Prof. Suvendu Bag, Sri Pradip Hazra, Sri Souradip Ghosh, Sri Chinmoy Roy, Prof. Argha Khan, Prof. Santosh Kumar Malik, Sri Sankar Prasad Sen, Sri Jayanta Biswas, Prof. Benoy Krishna Hazra and support of our ex-students the Alumni Association got registered officially. An ad hoc committee was formed of those who convened the first general meeting on the basis of membership drive. A large number of ex-students became members. Then a new committee comprised President, Secretary, Treasurer and an Executive Committee. In the Annual General Meeting Prof Sukanta Bhattacharaya of Mankar College became the President, Prof. Santosh Kumar Malik became the Secretary, and Prof. Argha Khan became the Treasurer. The Executive Committee comprised of Prof Sukanta Bhattacharaya , Prof. Goutam Sarkar , Prof. Santosh Kumar Malik, Prof. Argha Khan, Prof. Benoy Krishna Hazra ,Sri Sankar Prasad Sen, Sri Jayanta Biswas. The committee laid down a clear perspective of its aims and objectives. The appeal of the Association to receive help from the outgoing students who would pay Rs. 50/- each to its fund was accepted initially to build permanent fund for the betterment of the College in various ways.

Vivekananda Mahavidyalaya Alumni Association has at present more than four hundred life members. The number of involved alumnus is too large to count as huge number of students is leaving the college every year after their graduation. The vibrant presence of the Association is to be felt in its Annual General Meeting, REUNION and other activities. Vivekananda Mahavidyalaya Alumni Association concentrates its energies on holding the annual reunion of the students. The preparation starts two months ahead of its date.

The Association of a college like ours must bridge the gap between the past and the present and steer firmly for the days to come. It needs the vibrant presence of more youths with energy and passion. We look forward to the bright days to come with supportive gestures from all well-wishers and alliances of this historic Institution.



Governing Body of  the Alumni Association

Sl no Name Designation Contact no.
1 Dr. Sukanta Bhattacharyya President 9064109297
2 Prof. Santosh Kumar Malik Secretary 9531795116
3 Dr. Argha Khan Treasurer 9475244147
4 Prof. Gautam Sarkar Member 9832128684
5 Sri Sankar Prasad Sen Member 9434571786
6 Dr. Benoy Krishna Hazra Member 9932149084
7 Sri Jyanta Biswas Member 9832877052

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