Scholarship & Stipends



Financial assistance is provided to needy and meritorious students through various scholarships and stipends by the Government, Sc/ST students get special financial assistance through various scholarships. Students also get aid from the Government through ‘Jatiya Rin Britti Prokolpa’. Over and above all this, needy and meritorious students get the opportunity to study in this college with full/half free studentship on the basis of their merit. The needy and meritorious students can apply for these schemes after their admission. All the details of these scholarships and stipends are available from the college office. Apart from the Government and the college aid, students can avail of scholarships and financial aid from some non-Govt. institution like S.J. Jindal Trust. New Delhi etc. Students’ Union also provides financial aid to the needy and meritorious students from the ‘Students’ Aid Fund. It is to be noted that one student is entitled to get only one scholarship during his study years.