Mission & Vision

Vision, Priority and Thrust


The vision of the college is to make better India through training of minds of young citizens, motivating them to participate in building nation as well as to inspire them to be engaged in the service of the nation. The society can be developed and be prosperous only when young minds like these students are properly trained and motivated as well.This college is a centre for quality education of rural students to make them spiritually, morally and physically educated so that they may acquire efficient leadership in various fields. The immediate mission was the expansion of higher education up to the remote rural areas surrounding the college. To fulfil this target of drawing large number of rural students under this umbrella, the college was situated in the extreme north-eastern fringes of Burdwan town, so that they might have easy access to the college avoiding severe traffic jam. The mission Number of students Amount Financial support from institution, government and from other sources e.g. JINDAL, INSPIRE . And more specifically women students who are coming from the different strata of society are properly taken care of and guided to facilitate themselves in order to be empowered.

The major objectives of the college are inculcation of social and moral values in the students and teachers for better human social existence, creation of most vibrant knowledge pool providing peaceful an competitive teaching-learning environment, empowering the backward first-generation learners through extension activities within and beyond the class room, promotion of non-gendered education which widens equal opportunities for both male and female students, upholding the ethnic, social and cultural diversity into unity, generating ecological, sociological and environmental awareness among all the stakeholders of the college and above all, the cultivation of science and culture for the advancement of society. Our mission is to educate our students up to the highest University standard and to prepare them for life-long learning and leadership in the field of knowledge of global standard, to empower the young generation with holistic development by exposing them to a wide culture of creativity and innovation and to improve the quality of individual and societal life by means of holistic education, healthy socialization and skill development to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing world. All the major objectives are outlined in details in the college prospectus to enlighten our students. Moreover, these are also displayed on a notice-board right in front of the entry to the college and teachers are also asked to make our students aware of the objectives of this Institution in every possible manner whenever the situation permits and appropriate opportunity comes to them.

The Governing Body, the Teachers, the Non-Teaching Staff and the Student work in tandem to build up an ideal environment in the field of higher study and research. Vivekananda Mahavidyalaya is not just one of the many colleges, it stands aloft and apart in glory in its academic achievements through its very successful student placed in responsible position in society and in various fields of activity today.