Department History

                                                                THE HISTORY OF THE DEPARTMENT

The Department of English commenced its esteemed trajectory in 1964. Since its establishment, this department has diligently prioritized the comprehensive growth of undergraduate students. The faculties have made a solemn commitment to cultivate academic excellence in each student by employing all available and suitable teaching approaches. This department has demonstrated a commitment to sincerity and dedication by carefully selecting and nurturing both current and former students, to enhance their skills and abilities to seek a successful future. In addition, the English Department in the classroom promotes student participation in other co-curricular activities. This department's flagship effort involves the continuous organization of Seminars, Webinars, and Motivational Talks. These events aim to invigorate young minds and enhance their performance. The Departmental Wall Magazine and Blog is routinely published by the Department. Students express their views, issues, and intelligence with artistic skill through them. The continuous efforts of this department have transformed the students' ability to persuade and understand, leading to their active involvement in representing the institution in many academic activities at different levels. The students of this department have brought numerous accolades of honour to this college. The Professors in this department also strongly believe in becoming a companion, intellectual, and mentor to the students. They meticulously guide and oversee each pupil according to the requirements.

Syllabus under CBCS (Honours) w.e.f 2017-18
Syllabus under CBCS (General) w.e.f 2017-18