Vivekananda Mahavidyalaya, Burdwan, is one of the very few colleges in India to provide free medical assistance to its students and staff. A panel of reputed doctors provides free medical advice on production of a medical card supplied to the students and staff.


College has initiated a health care system for the students & staff. Various health related programmes like Thalassemia detection, blood grouping, blood donation, psychological counseling etc. are done throughout the year. A fund is being raised for contingency expense in case of immediate health problems, casualty of students and staff of the college during college hours. There is arrangement to refer students and staff to a number of doctors of this town, in consultation with the parents/ guardians, if they suffer from any chronic ailments. For this students may contact G.S., Chhatra Samsad/Principal/Heads of the Department/any members of Helath Care Committee for help.

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